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Love your neighbour as yourself

Si Walker, 25th May 2017

An ambulance rushing past

What could be clearer? We need to love those who are different to us and help those who are in need, even when their is immense personal cost to ourselves.

Luke 10:35-37 recounts Jesus' parable of the good Samaritan. I recently told this story in a school assembly and asked the children, 'which person do you expect will help the dying man?' The children felt it would be one of the two very religious people painted in Jesus story. By the end of the story, I asked them, 'which one do you think was a neighbour to the one in need?' The Samaritan, came back the answer. On both occasions they understood the story perfectly.

'At this time our nation needs this parable'

Jesus' parable to the expert in the law has a real punch to it. Samaritans and Jews, in Jesus day, did not get on. Yet it was a Samaritan who reached out and helped, at great personal cost.

The way of Jesus and therefore of true spirituality is laid out for us. It is the way of love for those who are different. Love doesn't mean that we always agree, but the story is instructive with regard to what it does look like. At this time our nation needs this parable from the lips of Jesus-- just as we need Him. He laid down his life for the 'other'. His ways cry out to us as the right ways when we are confronted with the other options for humanity.

Let's pray for our country.