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St John's is an evangelical church (in the Church of England). We're on the edge of Whitehaven, in West Cumbria. Please join us on a Sunday at 9am, 11am or 6.30pm if you're near us!

At St John's...

We proclaim Jesus Christ as the one who rules everything and the saviour of all who turn to him for salvation.

We look carefully at the Bible in each church service and in various smaller groups. We do this because we recognise that the Bible is God’s word in written form.

Like all people, we are full of faults. But we believe God’s promise that he will forgive all those who turn to Jesus Christ, and we aim to be faithful to him in the way that we live.

In April 2013 we launched our Ministry Strategy which outlines our 3 priorities of...

  • Bringing in: bringing people to hear about Jesus
  • Building up: building people up as followers of Jesus
  • Bearing fruit: equipping people to serve Jesus

Si Walker explains our 3 aims in this short video:

Everything we do is focused on growing together as followers of Jesus.

Fergus Pearson, (Vicar)

News - YMI Missions

New intern to join St John's

From mid- March we will have an intern joining us through Youth Missions International, to help with our Football School, following the visit of Tricia from YMI last year. Izzy will be 19 at the time of her visit and is from the United States.

She has lots of experience of football, (soccer!), and is going to be staying with us for a month. This is a great answer to prayer so far, so please be praying for Izzy as she gets ready to join us, that she would learn lots more about serving the Lord and be encouraged here. We are looking forward to welcoming her!

For more information on the YMI Missions program please visit their website:


News - Associate Vicar item

'What is an Associate Vicar?'

Good question. Here is what I've been up to...

So I am now around 6 months into my role as Associate Vicar at St John's and I agreed to keep giving missionary style updates. The Lord has been so kind in providing for our needs. Not many of us thought (in human terms) that the money to keep me on would be raised, which the Diocese had set. It has been a huge encouragement to see that Jesus provided and has given us a great place to live and use as a base for ministry.

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Andrew and Bethanie Walker prayer letter - December

The latest news/prayer letter from Andrew and Bethanie Walker, (December 2015), is now available.

Walker prayer letter - December 2015