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Preaching Timetable: January to May 2019


At St John's we have three services throughout the day each Sunday. Each service has it's own unique style of worship so there's something for everyone.

The first service of the day is the 9am service which is a traditional Church of England communion service. The 9am service is followed by a more contemporary service of worship which starts at 11am.

During the month the 11am service will include an 'All Age Service' and a 'Holy Communion' service, (see key below).

The final service of the day is the 6:30pm service. This service draws on a mix of traditional and informal styles of worship.

Once per month the 6:30pm service is a '3 Churches Joint Service' and is held at either St John's, (Hensingham), St Andrew's, (Mirehouse), or St Bridget's, (Moresby). The dates and venues for each of these services is shown below.


This colour scheme only applies to the 11am service. The 9am service is always a Holy Communion service.

Holy communion All Age Service
Sunday 9am 11am 6.30pm Midweek
6th Luke 24:36-49
Our Gospel DNA - The impact of the Resurrection!
Romans 1:18 - 3:23
Who can explain our world?
13th Mark 13:1-13
What is the gospel?
Romans 1:16-17, 3:21-23
Is God for us with his righteousness, or against us?
20th 1 Corinthians 15:1-4
What is the gospel in a nut shell?
Ephesians 4:11-16
The ministry of the WHOLE church
Romans 2:12-29
Why does Paul go on about the OT Law?
27th TBA by T Baker Joint Service at St Andew's
Sunday 9am 11am 6.30pm Midweek
3rd Acts 20:17-38
Our values: Gospel centred, Bible centred, Jesus centred
Romans 3:23-26
Why did God need to justify himself?
10th John 20:19-23
Why is the gospel a sending and going gospel?
Romans 3:23-26
What exactly is a Sacrifice of Atonement?
17th 1 Corinthians 12:12-26
The church as a body
Romans chapter 4
How can someone’s faith be credited as righteousness?
24th Matthew 28:19-20
Reach Out!
Joint Service at St Andrew's
Sunday 9am 11am 6.30pm Midweek
3th Colossians 2:1-8
Build up!
Romans 4:25
What exactly is “Justification by faith alone”?
10th Colossians 1:1-12
Bear fruit!
What is devotion to God?
17th Luke 23:26-31
Jesus warns of judgement
What is godliness?
24th Luke 23:32-38
Jesus refuses to save
3 Churches Joint Service
31st Luke 23:38-43
Jesus offers paradise
What is self-denial?
Sunday 9am 11am 6.30pm Midweek
7th Luke 23:44-49
Jesus dies
What are the difficulties of the Christian life?
14th Luke 23:50-56
Jesus is buried
What is perseverance?
21st Luke 24:1-12
Jesus is risen
Bitesize Bible
28th Luke 24:13-32
Jesus reveals Himself
3 Churches Joint Service
Sunday 9am 11am 6.30pm Midweek
5th Luke 24:33-49
Jesus reveals himself again
Bitesize Bible
12th 24:50-52, Acts 1:1-11
Jesus is taken up
Bitesize Bible
19th Acts 1:12-26
Matthias is chosen
3 Churches Joint Service
26th Acts 2:1-13
The Spirit descends
Bitesize Bible

Children and Young People on Sundays

During the 11am service:

0 - 3 Crèche in the lounge
3 - 7 Scramblers & Climbers from 11.20am
7 - 13 Humblenessy People, (HPs), from 11.20am


14 - 18 CYFA in the hall