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COVID-19 How to live in uncertain times (1)

Si Walker, 15th March 2020

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We may feel at this time that our head is spinning, with the rapid spread of the virus and its impact.

It is probably the case that the nation hasn't faced such a challenge since the Second World War and that comes through in the lanuaguge of pulling together that our leaders are using. Oh, how we need to do that!

At this time we can be confident that Christians have lived through these things before, although they are foreign to many of us. The Book of Common Prayer had people regularly praying: 'from plague, pestilence and famine...and from sudden death, good Lord deliver us.' This was prayed twice a week in the words of the Litany by the whole Church!

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Those words never felt real to many of us- certainly to me- until we have come to this situation.

'As Christians we can do one more thing.'

At this time we must do all we can to pull together; to follow the practical advice. And as Christians we can do one more thing. That thing is the least and the most we can do. Friends we can pray.

So, let's do that now. Let's pray for the vulnerable, the stressed, the health workers, the unwell, the afraid. Let's pray for OUR country and beyond.

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