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COVID 19- How to live in uncertain times (9- Father)

Si Walker, 24th March 2020

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A lot happening over the past 24 hours in the news and things like that. Just going to look at verse from The Lord's Prayer now; I think I appreciate the Lord's Prayer more and more as the years go on. "Our Father in Heaven". Just really want to look at that phrase for our blog today. God is our Father, so that means he loves us intimately and cares for us, and he's in heaven.

You see if he was just our Father, he might love us very much and care intimately, but be able to do nothing for us. But because he's in heaven, that second phrase is dynamite, he is in heaven, and so he's able to enact and do all the things that he wants to do. So we have a father and he's wonderfully powerful.

And just want to remind us, as we're feeling perhaps all over the place, and dealing with so much change, that God is actually in control. And "Our Father in Heaven": that's a thought that can keep us sane at the moment. So God be with you today.

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During these strange and testing times, we hope to post encouragement for you here each day. As ever, if you would like to speak with a Minister, please get in touch through our contact us page.