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COVID-19 How to live in uncertain times (5 - Worthy)

Si Walker, 19th March 2020

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There is so much happening and many of us will feel weary. But we need to remember something key!

'Great is the Lord, and most worthy of praise.' Psalm 48:1

That is still as true as it was in November 2019, before any of this happened in the world. God has not changed and he is still worthy of all our praise and adoration— our worship.

Are you taking time away from the news headlines, shopping, contingency planning, working from home and busyness of life to simply tell God of our great love for him, to praise and thank him? The Lord is great and even though we may have questions at this time, he is WORTHY of praise.

It is tempting to pin our hopes on our leaders, the scientists or our own efforts. But we need to pin our hope on Him, knowing that he is great.

Will you make it your aim today before you get into bed, to stand at your bedside and say "Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise" ?

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During these strange and testing times, we hope to post encouragement for you here each day. As ever, if you would like to speak with a Minister, please get in touch through our contact us page.