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COVID-19 How to live in uncertain times
(37 - The little birds)

Si Walker, 28th April 2020

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Bird on a fence

I’ve been sitting watching this little fella come and go through my study window. I hope you can see him perched on the fence and something in his beak. He, like many of the birds in our garden, has discovered there is rich pickings for making his nest. When we brush our Labrador Ramsay, they have a field day going for the lovely soft hair he sheds.

Bird on a fence
I would rather it was in their nest than on my carpet. The birds are all building up their nests at the moment whether it is with that or grass I’ve cut and dropped. They know that their Heavenly Father provides for them. Jesus used this analogy to remind us our Father knows what we need and how to get it to us. Luke 12:24: he says, ‘consider the birds...’ Join me today in thanking our Father. Rest in him or COME now and rest in him through Jesus. I can only tell you it is wonderful being a follower of Jesus Christ.

During these strange and testing times, we hope to post encouragement for you here each day. As ever, if you would like to speak with a Minister, please get in touch through our contact us page.