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COVID-19 How to live in uncertain times (26 - Anxiety Re-visited!)

Si Walker, 14th April 2020

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We might be posting a bit about anxiety over the coming weeks and months, because it is a big issue for people. I think we have all had moments, whether it was not being able to go out, fear around health or employment. I think for me, it was when I realised my plans for the coming weeks were going to be threatened and things I had been trusting God for, looked at times very uncertain. This video from Speak Life was massively helpful with a Christian Clinical Psychologist, and Paul Blackham (pastor) who is so helpful on this issue.

This looks at the 'why' question behind our anxiety, the impact of first thoughts in the morning, the need for spending time on mental management and much more. Watch and be blessed!

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During these strange and testing times, we hope to post encouragement for you here each day. As ever, if you would like to speak with a Minister, please get in touch through our contact us page.