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COVID-19 How to live in uncertain times (2)

Si Walker, 16th March 2020

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Fear is an incredibly strong emotion. Fear and hope have been called the two handles of the soul; that is they open the door to powerful emotional states.

Understandably there is a lot of fear at the moment about COVID-19. We can understand that. The news cycle is dominated by the spread of the virus in multiple countries and we are getting ready for the peak in the UK. It is also fear inducing for many, to be told that they might have to self isolate for a long period.

And yet, as believers we must not be afraid of COVID-19. Yes, we must take sensitive steps to obey the guidance given to us, but we must not fall into fear.

Today I would like us to look at Psalm 91 briefly.

Notice 3 things with me.


God is Most High (v1) and he is not affected as we are. He has not changed in all of this and he is still ruling. The Most High is also called the All Mighty. He is powerful beyond all that we can understand, and is able to do all things. COVID-19 is not in charge of things, but HE is! Believe this today and take hold of it.

He will cover

The Lord will be your refuge and fortress (v1-2) and will help you as you trust in him. Turn to Jesus today in trust and speak to him. Ask him to help you and surround you. He has done this for Christians through all the many generations and I have heard countless testimonies of people 'surrounded' in hospital and in every extreme condition.


The experts believe that most people will survive COVID-19. Sadly, some will not and most families could be affected by loss in some way. BUT, even if you are called to glory, the Lord will protect all who trust in him. I was reading this today, and it struck me that the angels (v12) lifting you up in their hands could mean in the present life. But it also could describe the Lord sending his angels to get you and bring you to Christ's side. As a believer, even if we die of this, the angels will bear us in their hands to Christ's side as his loving servants. We must believe that!

So please do remember these three things today. The Lord will help us. A prayer:

Dear Lord, you know how I feel at this time and that many people are afraid. Please help me to hope in you and to know these things are real. Thank you that you are powerful and their for your children always. In Jesus Name, Amen

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