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COVID-19 How to live in uncertain times (13 - Self-Isolation)

Nigel Gillson, 28th March 2020

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Often when our routines change from the norm we tend to struggle to keep our acts of worship, prayer and bible study times, especially if we usually work during the week or lead busy lives. The time we usually set aside tends to be filled with some other activity or, in some cases, even bed time.

Now psychologists tell us, in the current climate of self-isolation we should try and stick to our normal routines as far as possible to maintain our mental health. I have tried to do this, but like so many others, my routine has gone awry and yes, sometimes I have put other things before my time with God.

One thing I have learned during this past week, is our self-isolation is fertile soil for the whispers that persuade us that it is OK to let things slide. It is OK to miss time with God. It is OK not to read your Bible or to pray.

In Luke 4:1-13, Jesus also experienced temptations at the hand of the devil during his own self-isolation; the wilderness. Jesus’ response to each temptation is found in v4, v8 and v12 - ‘it is written’ and ‘it is said’. Jesus used God’s very own word to bat back the devil’s temptations. Since this is so, should we not follow his example? Why then do we listen to the whispers of the devil?

Verse 13 reminds us, the devil never really goes away and is always waiting for fertile soil to tempt us away from God. Jesus gives us the perfect seed to plant instead. God’s word. Let’s make an effort to keep reading it!

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During these strange and testing times, we hope to post encouragement for you here each day. As ever, if you would like to speak with a Minister, please get in touch through our contact us page.