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We don't see clearly

Si Walker, 13th April 2019

Rick Warren

We don't see clearly

Rick Warren has produced many helpful resources for Christians. Without a doubt, one of his fortes, is helping Christians get in control of their minds and I would recommend this for anyone, who wants to get in control of their mind.

Here are some great points from a talk of his I recently watched.

The full talk can be found here:
'We also need the humility to let God be God'

His big point was: Don't believe everything you think

Jeremiah says that the heart is deceitful (Jeremiah 17:9). It means that we have an amazing ability to lie to ourselves. This means that you cannot be trusted to tell yourself the truth!

  • The reason that we can't believe what we tell ourselves is:
  • We have blind spots.
  • We make snap judgements.
  • We fail to notice important details.
  • We have background biases.
  • We jump to conclusions.
  • We get trapped by categories. So it is either this or this. Who said there are only two categories?
  • We miss the big picture.
  • We see what we want to see.
  • An aside from Warren's talk...

    A Christian I know, talks about taking his feelings for a walk. What he means by that is that when he feels an anxious feeling emerge, which is suggesting some negative things, he reminds his feelings of all the times they have been wrong. Like the time they told him age 6 that he should really marry that girl in his class! Or the time they told him he had definitely failed an exam, when he passed with flying colours. Feelings are not a helpful guide!

    As I reflect on Warren's points, I think they are really insightful. I am reading the book of Job at the moment, and one of the faults of Job's so called friends, is that they presume to be able to see clearly. Because of this they lack an ability to sit humbly in the ashes with Job following his calamities. They lecture Job, when they themselves as weak human beings should tremble before God's wisdom and wait patiently for him to reveal himself in Job's situation. 'God is his own interpreter' as the poet William Cowper wrote, who had suffered so much himself.

    Wisdom involves fearing God and seeing that we don't have complete knowledge. We see partially and so we need to trust his Word in the Bible. We also need the humility to let God be God and not to try and do his role for him of running things, but rather TRUST him.