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A book truly worth a read

John Stoker, 13th July 2018

Cover of 'True Worship'

John Stoker reviews our ‘Summer Read’ which is True Worship by Vaughan Roberts (Priced at £4.20 from the back of church.) John is a member of St John’s and assistant leader with our 14-18s. We would love, not just our musicians to read it, but anyone who wants to grow in their understanding on this topic.

This book, as the title says, is about true worship. Well actually it is about helping us understand what true worship is for ourselves through what the Bible says, not what the author thinks or what the author has been told. This book helps us to see what the purpose and relevance of worship is.

'He takes us into our Bible'

Vaughan Roberts covers a wide range of topics in the book, from the place music and singing plays in worship, to the core foundations of Christian worship. He takes us into our Bible to look at verse such as in John 4, where the Samaritan woman asks Jesus where she should worship, to Romans 12 where we are told to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice to God as a spiritual act of worship.

The author in a mere 106 pages manages to give you an overview and then take you deeper into what worship is, and trust me, he will also have you questioning how you worship and challenging you to dig into the word.

I would 100% recommend that you read this book, because as I’ve said it doesn’t take long to read and it is definitely worth it!