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Spot and join in

Si Walker, 5th April 2018

Lady showing a book to children

Filling in valuable gaps in the community

We all want to make our days the best they can be for God. But how do we do that?

One great principle is to spot what God is doing and join in. Someone came up with a clever Latin phrase for that once, but I can’t remember it, so we’ll call it: spot and join in. Simple!

Take your workplace, or your walking club, or your kid’s nursery. You may get hit by an amazing idea for being a Christian there, who can have impact for God. But the likelihood is, that the Lord is already doing something in those places. If we believe that he truly loves the world and is on the move, there will already be bridge building opportunities happening.
'the Lord is already doing something'

Maybe there are already people that meet for coffee in those places and you can join in with that and be more connected. Maybe the nursery are crying out for someone to help read with the kids or do regular music slots; could you be a witness through that? Or your work’s union need a rep? Sometimes we try and dream things up, when if we opened our eyes more (if I opened my eyes more) we can see what is happening already. I think of the man I heard of in some studies we did in home group, who regularly picked up rubbish in his local community. I’m guessing that was not his passion, but that it just needed doing. And apparently people were struck by him and he had good conversations about what motivated him.

In some reflections from the Come to Christ events we had, visiting team member Rachael Phillips brought this home, in a piece for her local churches. I hope to publish her full blog piece soon:

'Maybe the nursery are crying out for someone to help read'

“The most surprising thing for me was how none of these events was that whacky, extravagant, high profile or newsworthy. They were all based on the existing resources each church had, whether that was links with venues or using congregation members’ gifts and skills. With the exception of the family fun day which must have required a fair amount of planning, the rest just required a good venue, good refreshments, good sound systems, a good reason to gather people (quiz, football, pie and peas), and of course people to do a talk/the evangelism bit, which was done by the visiting team. This gives me huge confidence that such events are easily replicable in our churches.”

Whacky, extravagant, high profile. Do we need to be these things. Or don’t we just want to get on board with God?