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The Christian Life

Marian Brooks, 12th July 2017

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The Christian life is an adventure, sometimes exciting and sometimes hard with many things to learn as we grow both in our understanding of God’s word and of his amazing love. These are some of the things I have learnt over the years.

Keep reading your Bible. I’ve found that the discipline of reading God’s word faithfully each day, I call it “plodding”, helps us so much, whether life is going well or the going is tough. As we read we get to know Christ and the assurance that we are his children and that he is in control of our lives. This reassurance and peace gives us joy as followers of Jesus and the treasures of God’s word stored up in our minds and our hearts helps us at difficult times to stand fast and enables us to help other too.

Keep praying. Prayer is key too and it’s been thrilling to see God answering prayer person- ally, in the fellowship and around the world. The exciting part is not knowing how God will answer. God has taught me to have faith, patience and perseverance in prayer and to take the long view “plodding” again. Life is not a sprint.

Keep listening. Listening to talks in church on Sundays - learning to find at least one thing to meditate on during the week, eg a challenge, an encouragement, a rebuke, something to share with others.

Keep meeting in fellowship. Meeting with other Christians is crucial as they, rejoice with us in good times, encourage us when life is hard and keep us on track with the Lord.

Keep reading. Reading Christian books has been a very real help over the years and if you’re serious about growing as a believer this is a must.

Keep telling people about Jesus. We are called to be witnesses sharing the gospel with those who don’t know the love of God in their lives.