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Songs for the whole of life

Si Walker, 7th June 2017

Indelible Grace

A reunion of former students, for the Great Hymn Sing in Nashville

Could it be that there are some themes that we don’t sing about? I love using Christian music in my own prayer times and in the past year I have discovered a great resource from Indelible Grace. We could feel guilty for singing songs that express doubt, or pain, questions and sorrows. Yet there are so many songs out there which, like the Psalms, capture the full range of Christian experience.

The songs also are so Jesus focussed and cause us to see Jesus, in their own words, ‘as more believable and beautiful.’

'the full range of Christian experience'

Indelible Grace is a song writing movement that grew out of a ministry to students. So the songs are arranged and played by those who searched for them, to use in the college campus ministry. In the words of one of the student workers that led the movement, Kevin Twit, they provide songs that don’t insist that the listeners ‘put on their happy face.’

Taking old hymns and re-setting them, they transport the wisdom of past generations into the modern day. Take for example, this theme of God using adversity to answer our prayers for growth by Anne Steele (1717-1778).

‘I asked the Lord that I might grow,
In faith and love and every grace,
Might more of his salvation know
And seek more earnestly his face.
‘Twas he who taught me thus to pray
And he I trust has answered prayer,
But it has been in such a way,
That almost drove me to despair.’

Right through these recordings is the zeal of students discovering what Jesus means to them in the mess of life and writing melodies and accompaniment to express that. I hope that they do your heart as much good as they have mine!

You can listen here for free: