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If you're lost and wrecked again

Si Walker, 18th January 2016

A man playing a guitar

This morning I have been enjoying the joy of worship. This song is a wonderful gospel-suffused treat, which reminds us that we can always come to Jesus when we feel like we have blown it.

The gospel of Jesus really is an amazing thing. It doesn't tell us to hide from God until we are good enough, 'but when you're lost and wrecked again, come stumbling in like a prodigal child', as the song says.

We all need reminding that the Christian God welcomes sinners that come stumbling and broken and bruised to him.

The Christian is a person who admits their problems and finds the solution in Jesus. I often have to spend time persuading people who are on the ropes of life that they are not alone and that people are just very good at hiding their imperfections. There is a lot of mess out their in all our lives and there is a lot of freedom in being honest about that. There is also an answer and a life line!

As Fergus our Vicar has often said, the church is not a crutch as has sometimes been the accusation. It is a hospital for broken sinners.

One way to imbibe these deep truths is to sing them and to let them come freshly to you again. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.