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Interview with Izzy

Si Walker, 13th April 2016

Izzy with her team

Izzy seen here on the right with her team

Si Walker interviews Izzy Heistand about her time at St John's serving through Youth Missions International. Izzy hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What have you been doing here in the UK?

I have done a whole host of different things while I have been in the UK. One major thing I have helped with has been the football school. Not only did I get to help out during the actual week of it, but I also get to help with the preparation. So I helped with the worksheets, organizing the teams and spreading the word about the camp. One place I had the opportunity to do this was at various schools I visited including Lowca, Hensingham, and Parton. I was invited to speak to the youth at these schools about what life is like in America, however it gave me the opportunity to also talk about my faith and the reason why I am in England. I was able to pray for the children at each school which was a true blessing and amazing opportunity! Another thing I have been doing while in England is helping out with the various groups and events at St. John’s. Basically if there was something going on at church, I was likely there! I got the opportunity to speak to the Chinese fellowship which was fantastic! Much of my time here has been spent in fellowship with other members of the congregation at St. John’s. I have been welcomed into so many homes which has been such an immense blessing! I can not thank God enough for the people he has put in my life through this trip!

Football School 2016

Tell us about some of the crazy activities CYFA* members have had you doing…

We have done so much it is hard to remember everything! We have done a lot of hiking and walking. We’ve gone climbing a few times which has been really cool! We went kayaking and trampolining also which were two highlights! Another really fun thing we did was they took me to my first ceilidh which was a blast. They have all been amazing and I’m really thankful for their fellowship during this past month!

* CYFA is the St John's 14-18s youth group

What have you learnt about God during your visit?

I have learned so much from God during this trip! I feel as if I have learned something new every day! All of it seems to connect back to the understanding however of God’s sovereignty! I think we often forget how little control we actual have and how God is in fact in control of everything. God has showed me this and if we love and trust in him, he will work all things together for our good. I have also learned how much of a blessing fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ can be! God has blessed me through so many people and I hope I have been able to bless others as well!

So the UK is a post-Christian country now in many ways. What have you learnt about the mission field here?

I have learned that in some ways it can be a lot harder to start a conversation about Christ because people are fairly indifferent to the topic. However I have found that it should not discourage us to share Christ’s word. In fact the opposite! This reality should encourage us to push forward with even more passion and conviction. The UK needs to start hearing about how radical Christianity is again!

Football School 2016

Peanut butter or marmite?

Absolutely peanut butter.

Football or soccer?

Football!! I finally got it!

Rain or rain?

Rain and rain haha

How can we pray for you? What are your hopes for the future after this experience?

I could use prayers for the immediate future with trying to decide what to do for university. I would love to come to the UK, however it is just a lot harder to organize than going to the an American university. I also am hoping to return to Whitehaven this summer so if you could be praying that God’s hand would be on that planning and that it would all come together well. I hope to go on to university to study either early childhood education or youth ministry. I want to live in England at some point, as I feel as if this is where God has called me! I am really looking forward to see what direction he leads me in next!