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How to find a church

Si Walker, 9th June 2016

A church congregation

This might seem a strange thing to write about on our church blog. But the chances are you know someone who is moving somewhere new/has moved somewhere new and you would like them to plug into a church.

Recently I did a session for our CYFA (14-18s) looking at how to find a new church when moving away for work or University.

My advice is to look for a church where:

  • 1) They talk a lot about Jesus.
  • 2) They open the Bible and teach.
  • 3) They will love and care for you.

Now, none of this is exactly revolutionary, but hopefully it will help someone.

Bad reasons to choose a church:

1) The music is really good.

Music is important, but there are churches with awesome music who aren't preaching the gospel. (And I say that as an enthusiastic guitarist and lover of music.)

2) All my friends are going there.

If you can go with a friend or two that is of course encouraging; but don't make it the decider. A good church will create opportunities for fellowship.

3) It doesn't challenge me and so it feels nice.

I need to be challenged because I am a sinner who doesn't want God's truth and I am assuming you are probably the same.

If you are the person looking, ask around and visit some. Don't be afraid to try a few, but don't church hop for weeks and weeks.

Ask your minister to suggest one. I'm happy to help!