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Glad for glory (on a dog walk)

Si Walker, 18th June 2016

Sunset over Whitehaven

Sometimes I find that my struggles just make me glad for heaven. And I don't know why, but walking in the outdoors always makes these things seem more real. C.S.Lewis always thought the woodlands of northern Europe reminded him of the world beyond and I agree. So this is what I praised God for as I went.

We'll live in a world ...

...where people who are worshipping God wont fall away and stop believing in Jesus.

...where there are no more complications and difficulties in relationships.

...where we live in mansions (Isaiah 65:22 says that it turns out!). The best houses we can imagine.

...where we can talk with Jesus-- sitting in the cool of the day---outside in the open and we enjoy good food and friends.

...where we will get no more battle scars, but we will rejoice in our battle scars and remember the old times and the scrapes/sufferings we came through together. I think the Apostle Paul said somewhere he rejoiced in his sufferings. (Romans 5)

...where there is no more disability.

...where there will be justice for the outcast and justice for the underdog. True justice and not fake justice.

...where it will be the world that we want.

Hope my random thoughts encourage you to think about what is to come. Now is not all there is!

'...And hope does not disappoint us because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit...' Romans 5:5