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Born to be wild

Si Walker, 23rd August 2016

A very early tri-plane

I assume this guy didn't just hop on the plane and take off

I don't know about you but I have never been much of a committer.

If I learn a new sport, I want to be county standard by the second week.

If I play an instrument I want Jools Holland to be on the phone. Jools, why don't you call?

And if I take a Bible study I expect at least one convert per evening.

But this evening I have been getting nicely shamed by Bob the man who studies bats on TV. (I don't know if his name was Bob, I can't quite remember, but we will go with that.)

'Often when we are busy working away on something, he is busy working on us'

This guy has been studying a breed of bats for 50 years in the roof of one old building-- the longest study of a mammal in the world by one person we were told by the voice over. Bob has committed to doing this since he was a school boy and is content to scrabble around under the rafters, because he so loves collecting data about bats and passing on any useful bits of information to anyone who is interested. There will be many disappointing evenings when he gets none of the data he needs and he will probably never be splashed across the newspapers.

One of his fellow naturalists on the program, has been collecting otter poo for years (I'm serious) in the hope that he can glean information about how many otters are inhabiting the river where he lives. He confesses that he has still never actually SEEN an Otter there.


So why am I so uncommitted?

Because I believe that life is all about results and me looking good. At least that is what I believe a little bit, deep down. And I don't perceive clearly enough that God often wants to grow us in humility and patience. Often when we are busy working away on something, he is busy working on us.

So if you are like me, go and learn from the bat and otter man.