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Spiritual Health

Phill Mayhew, 1th October 2015

A grocer in his fruit shop

The dieticians tell us, unless they have changed their minds again, that we need to eat a minimum of five portions of fruit and veg per day in order to keep our bodies healthy. Have you ever wondered what we need to keep our spirits healthy?

I wondered about this and came up with the following five things.


It is only right that we render unto God that which He deserves, that is, our unadulterated adoration and praise. It is our place to worship our God, the giver of life and all that is good. We can do this in fellowship with others or all alone. Obviously, fellowship is good and brings its own rewards but fundamentally the act of worship is what is in our hearts at the time. The desire to worship God is, I believe, part of our holy God given nature, and that’s why it can be such a profound experience and why we come home from church happy.


Even Jesus prayed and He and the Father were one, so we certainly need to pray. It is, of course, our phone line to God and we can contact the Father when things are going well or badly. Maybe, and this could be a false distinction, in worship we are paying homage to our God but in prayer we are talking to our Father. We should not worry too much about whether what we are praying about is important enough or trivial; someone once told me “if it matters to you it matters to God.” St Paul says pray continually (1 Thes 5:17). It’s all about building the relationship, however, we should maintain a certain reverence and remember who we are talking to. I was told and, indeed, have found this useful, particularly when praying for an answer about something, to wait for a few moments after praying and let my thoughts wander about the problem and quite often an answer comes – prayer answered?!


As we know, (2 Tim 3:16) all scripture is inspired by God and is good for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness. So it would seem obvious then that we should read the Bible in our own time. Enough said.


I think Jesus was fairly keen on giving and the more you think about this the bigger it gets. John 3:16 “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.” It doesn’t get much bigger than that. Jesus told the rich man to sell what he had and give it to the poor (Mark 10:21). He praised the poor woman for giving her two small coins (Mark 12:42). So, it would seem to be Christ-like to give and therefore good for our souls. We can give of our money, our things and of our time to the church and to those around us, near and far.


Well this is a hot topic now that we have begun the Season of Invitation. Apart from the commandment from the Lord as a motivation, we should be looking for opportunities to tell people about faith because of our love for our fellow man. There are many people out there suffering spiritually, lost in darkness and it is our job to tell them the good news.

This is my list of the things we should be doing to keep spiritually healthy and it is not that our salvation in any way depends on us doing any of these five things but they are perhaps a sign that we are heading in the right direction.

Have you had your five a day?