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How to live like a believer

Si Walker, 11th May 2015

A few years ago I got myself into a bad place. You know the sort of thing, worries and anxieties crowded in after a change of circumstances and I was pretty much swamped and running on empty. My emotional life was in absolute turmoil and everything else was starting to follow suit.

I think it is something I intend to write about more fully at some point soon. To cut a story short, a friend lovingly ministered this passage of scripture to me. He had heard Steve speak on the topic and he passed the wisdom on to me.

I can tell you confidently I am still a wretched sinner. But memorising Ephesians 4:17-24 and meditating on it almost every day for the past few years has helped transform my life, through God's goodness.

I hope you enjoy listening to Steve and take on board what he says- no matter what your struggle- as he knows what he is talking about.