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Feasting on holiday

Si Walker, 2th March 2015

Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles)

I love the vibrancy in this picture of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles)

The Bible spends a lot of time talking about the place of Jewish people in God's plans. What some are not aware of is that there are many people who call themselves Messianic Jews. That is, they are Jews who trust in Jesus as the Messiah. They read the promises in the Old Testament that God will send his anointed one and they see Jesus as the fulfilment.

That is exciting, because the Bible promised that the gospel was first for the Jew and then the Gentile (Romans 2:10). Jesus himself went to the house of Israel, before he wept over the degree of unbelief and extended his ministry to non-Jews.

'We didn't really have time to build a tabernacle, because swimming beckoned'

This past week I have been on holiday with my family and we spent a few minutes each day learning about a different Jewish feast day (They are summarised in Leviticus 23). That might sound heavy, but the feasts were given as living parables of God's salvation. Long before anyone had thought about different learning styles, in a deliberate and trendy sense, God was giving people great food, music, drama and words to teach them.

How I love the Feast of Tabernacles! We didn't really have time to build a tabernacle, because swimming beckoned, but we did draw one on the Center Parcs chalk board that they give you in the hope you will colour that rather than their walls (something tells me they are used to children). Many modern day Jews spend a week eating (and perhaps even living) in self constructed booths or tabernacles originally made of palm branches. They fill them with sumptuous colour through fruits and flowers and tuck in to fine food. What a great picture of the new creation and how we are just temporary nomads in this life. It makes me hungry for the day we will tabernacle with the Lord Jesus.

'I can send you some very simple resources'

Maybe you fancy doing some of my ideas with your kids, in which case I can send you some very simple resources I put together (Contact page). Or maybe you want to look and be inspired by the Jews for Jesus website (Jews for Jesus).

Here is one of the testimonies found there which certainly makes real that the gospel is for Jew and Gentile: How I became a Jew for Jesus.