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Evangelical Alliance concern over government's extremism consultation

Si Walker, 12th December 2015

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This represents the most concerning proposal I have seen by the government and could lead to churches being investigated for sharing traditional teaching on the Bible.

The heart of the proposal is to have groups that teach children for more than 6 hours a week, to be registered and then potentially investigated by OFSTED. If you add in the time at church and, say, a Bible holiday club, you soon reach that limit. It is not sensationalising to say that this is the sort of thing that the state does in China, where there are terrible restrictions on free speech and it is not usually thought of as consistent with a democratic country such as the UK.

Please consider doing two things.

1) The Evangelical Alliance will tell you how to register concern with the government by taking part in their consultation. They will tell you the complicated questions you can skip in the consultation (of which I'm afraid there are some.) Visit their site here:

2) You can write to Jamie Reed. Here is my letter, if you would like an idea of the sort of thing you could write.

I don't normally interact with this sort of thing, but I would urge you to this time. We are entering a time where we Christians may have to be more involved in issues. The letter is sealed and ready to go.