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3 commitments as Associate Vicar

Si Walker, 20th July 2015

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Hi everyone

This month I began in a new role at St John's and in my licensing service I shared 3 personal commitments.

There is a lot more I could have said if I was talking about things that are vital to ministry. This is not a job description, but rather some things that are of concern to me in the coming years and that I feel a burden for in ministry.

Perhaps you have some objectives that you feel the Lord has given to you? It is sometimes good to voice those things to yourself as it helps us make best use of the short time we have on this earth and acknowledges that we can't do everything. I would suggest 3 or 4 things max. We only have one life to use in the Lord's service and we need to make the best of it. Why not take some time to pray through your list?

Here is mine for what it is worth....Click on this link to hear my short talk

I know my limits and my brokenness and so it is only in his grace and strength I will be able to get close to any of it. Please pray for me.

I pray that the Lord will use each one of us at St John's for the glory of Jesus

With love,