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Blog posts - 2019

This is a blog for the Vicar and Curate, where we'll aim to post some thoughts about the Christian life and what's going on in the world. Hopefully you will find Christian encouragement there for your week, comment on current events and a few thoughts to stimulate your own thinking on topics that relate to being a disciple.

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Si Walker
Si's Summer Reads

Si Walker

7th July 2019

A man walking on a tightrope
How to keep from being an unbalanced Christian

Si Walker

10th June 2019

People worshipping
Do we REALLY want revival?

Si Walker

17th May 2019

Photograph of Ben Naylor
An interview with St John’s new Apprentice

Si Walker

6th May 2019

Barley field
What's your legacy?

Si Walker

21st April 2019

Rick Warren
We don't see clearly

Si Walker

13th April 2019

A boy hiding behind a tree
Hiding is what we do

Si Walker

15th March 2019

Horation Spafford
The story behind the hymn

Si Walker

8th March 2019

Walking with phone warning sign
Screen time for grown ups

Si Walker

26th January 2019