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Blog posts - 2017

This is a blog for the Vicar and Curate, where we'll aim to post some thoughts about the Christian life and what's going on in the world. Hopefully you will find Christian encouragement there for your week, comment on current events and a few thoughts to stimulate your own thinking on topics that relate to being a disciple.

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Hands on a bible
Our greatest weapon is to believe the impossible

Si Walker

17th December 2017

A father and son praying
Do I really need to pray everyday?

Nigel Gillson

13th December 2017

Oak Tree
Children and youth- oaks or beansprouts?

Si Walker

17th November 2017

Two men at coffee house
Four sets of words that helped

Si Walker

24th October 2017

Tree covered avenue
Blossom wherever God plants you

Jema Chan

20th October 2017

Bible annotations
A final sermon from a pastor

Si Walker

29th September 2017

A woman firing a bow
Hair bows and war bows

Si Walker

4th September 2017

Two stags rutting
'Doing Conflict'

Si Walker

3th August 2017

Countryside path
The Christian Life

Marian Brooks

12th July 2017

Indelible Grace
Songs for the whole of life

Si Walker

7th June 2017

An ambulance rushing past
Love your neighbour as yourself

Si Walker

25th May 2017

Group photograph of attendees
Northern Men's Convention 2017

Martin Chan

18th May 2017

Martin Luther
Reviving the reformation

Si Walker

27th April 2017

Katy Perry in Chained to the rhythm video
Chained to the rhythm

Si Walker

24th March 2017

Salmon swimming up stream
Against the stream

Si Walker

13th March 2017

Wall full of post-it notes
How busy are you?

Nigel Gillson

20th February 2017

Andreas in Edinburgh
Lessons from my time in England so far

Andreas Jungklaus

23rd January 2017