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At St John’s we have people wanting to find out more about Christianity. Maybe you are one of them, or you have just clicked on this link out of interest.

We run Essentials which is a short course that takes place over 4 weeks. We meet in a small group and watch professionally made videos by Lee McMunn the author of the course. There is also a short booklet we will give you, that we work through together, being led by an experienced Christian. The course has been really helpful in the past and you won’t be forced to say anything or believe anything! We always encourage people to join in, but if you want to sit and listen, that is fine too!

A sample video:

The course looks at the ‘essential’ message of the Christian faith.

Week 1: Reveal

Discover the life-changing truth that God has engaged us in conversation. Because Jesus is the Son of God we can know what God is like.

Week 2: Reject

Discover what Jesus thinks of our spiritual condition. Learn the truth about how we have treated God and the resulting consequences.

Week 3: Rescue

Hear the greatest news in the world about how God has rescued us from our biggest danger. Listen to how Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross to save us from the punishment we deserve.

Week 4: Relationship

Find out what Jesus has rescued us for. Discover more about the loving relationship we can enjoy with each member of the Trinity.



Discover how to become a Christian when you know enough about Jesus.

For more information or if you would like to enrol, contact our Associate Vicar: